Welcome to the website for a Board Certified Massage Therapist!

What is that about? 

You can expect the highest quality bodywork from Doreena. A Board Certified passionate practitioner who focuses on all systems of the body and custom creates your session to meet your needs. We work on total awareness with breath movement and functional change. And it's all pain free. Open communication, compassionate non-sexual intimacy, safety and respect.

My office is located  at 9000 Babcock Blvd, Allison Park,  PA 15101

 Enter on Babcock Blvd between the two stone columns, sign for Kearns Spirituality Center is there as well.

Go slowly up two way drive to stop sign. Go slowly and straight to next stop sign. Make a left up lane and follow to parking lot straight ahead. Park there and walk to green awning where I will meet you and bring you into the space.

There are no steps and a restroom feet from the massage space.

I earn and invest in the highest quality table(which I refer to as the surfboard). The table adjusts for ease of elders and children so everyone can feel safe and supported.

I practice for everyone who is healthy to receive massage. I know when to refer you elsewhere and your wellness is taken into consideration. 

 I prefer to focus on you and your needs. Please call me to discuss your session goals for bodywork and massage. You don't need to know or understand methods(unless you want to know during a session). It is about effective healing and results which your body is co-creating.

So now, time to take action! Text email or call to discuss your appointment goals with me or click on "Contact Me" and send me a message. I will call you back to confirm the details of your appointment, and also answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for visiting, and journey well!


We are water.